The quick and easy way to send money anywhere overseas – low cost, secure and same day

  • Fixed fee for every transfer, no matter how large or where you are sending it to
  • Competitive up to date exchange rates
  • No other fees to pay for your transfer
  • Send to any country and any mobile network worldwide
  • Available in all PayPoint outlets in the UK
  • Access the ‘unbanked’ community. - the world’s leading mobile money transfer service.

Send money to any mobile phone number anywhere in the world using our secure money transfer service. You can sign up right now and the whole process takes minutes – follow this simple process:

Why use mobile money transfer?

It can reach all corners of the globe and allows for same day money transfer using international mobile networks. Because we don’t need to operate traditional bricks and mortar operations, we don’t have to charge expensive commissions like banks and because you can do it anytime anyplace, mobile money transfer truly is the best way to send cash!


You can send money to any mobile phone in the world within 24 hours online. The person receiving the money will be notified by text message that you have sent them money via cashtosend. All they have to do is take it to a local cashtosend agent and show them the unique code on the text and they can collect their cash!

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